DP234 - Operating Systems & Computer Architecture

This is the on-line materials for the unit DP234 for the School of Multimedia and Information Technology at Southern Cross University. If you find anything that you would like to share with other students let me know and I'll put a pointer here!


Online References

Several very useful sources of materials are available on the Web. The are listed under the corresponding topic headings below. Note that the links shown are to the home pages of organisations. It is hoped that this will lengthen the link's life as the sites may be reorganised.

Try the Australian home pages first!

80x86 Assembler

I have a summary of the 80x86 instruction set taken from various sources on the Internet.

A good list of 80x86 Assembler resources is available on the Yahoo Index.

Standard PC Interrupts

I have a summary of useful DOS INT 21h codes.

I have also loaded the detailed description of all PC Interrupts. This is a compilation produced by Ralph Jones.

CPU Architecture

In all of the WWW pages listed there is a search engine to find the information you are after. You will find that a lot of the information is sales talk and does not contain technical detail. A white paper usually provides a good technical description. A data sheet is only a summary of the features.

Intel's home page provides technical information on all its products. These of course include the Pentium and the Pentium Pro. You may also like to find out more about the support chips for PCI or the interrupt controllers, I/O modules and other chips.

A better site for information about Intel products is Intel Secrets. This site provide a lot of good technical descriptions of Intel chips and is completely independent of Intel.

Sun has a lot of information on the Sparc series of processors. The latest is the UltraSparc I. Sun also has an Australian home page.

Digital manufacture the Alpha series of processors. Digital also have an Australian home page. You will find that their search engine also returns review articles published by independant companies.

Hewlett-Packard have information on their PA-RISC processors.

The Power PC chip is developed by several manufacturers. The best technical information is available from Motorola and from IBM.

Recommended reading

Laboratory Feedback

Other Information

A formal description of the DP234 is available in the Unit Statement.

This unit information is prepared by Barry Wilks.